Bahati Spent 30 Million In mathare Campaigns

Kevin Kioko alias Bahati, a Mathare parliamentary hopeful, has revealed that he has spent over 33 million Ksh on campaigning. 

In an interview with Tanzanian journalist Millard Ayo, the musician disclosed that he plans to spend Ksh 10 million on the General Election on Tuesday. 

He said that the majority of his campaign funds came from his supporters, friends, and his Jubilee party.

“I have used almost Sh33 million in campaigns. I have been given a great support from my fans, friends and my Jubilee Party which has been very supportive. Even though when I sometimes cry on TV they (Jubilee) don’t speak, they immensely supported me,” Bahati stated.

Bahati stated that the Sh10 million he is planning to use during the election day will cater for his polling agents and other expenses pertaining to the polls.

“My budget for election day is around Sh10 million. It will cater for my agents and other things. If it goes too little it will be Sh7 million,” the musician turned politician said. 

He also revealed that he had spent about Sh10 million from his songs to fund his campaigns. 

Bahati indicated that he was not pursuing the position for financial reasons, claiming that he makes far more than an MP’s monthly salary. 

He claimed that he chose to run for the seat because he was born and raised in Mathare and thus understands the constituency’s concerns, which he intends to address if elected.