Bayern Knocks Down Borussia In 4-0 Der Klassiker Clash

In Der Klassiker, Bayern Munich secured a 4-0 victory over Borussia Dortmund, showcasing their impressive form.

Young German star Jamal Musiala, who initially lacked involvement, played a crucial role in the win.

His partnership with Harry Kane was particularly impressive, highlighting the record champions’ improvement as they get to know their new star-striker.

Despite missed opportunities, their link-up play highlighted the improvement of the record champions.

While the Kane and Leroy Sané combination took the headlines, Musiala is delighted that he too is forming an understanding with the England captain.

Musiala expressed his satisfaction with the chemistry between him and Harry Kane, stating that the more games they play, the more comfortable he feels with Kane up front.

Kane has 15 league goals from 10 games, including back-to-back Bundesliga hat-tricks, and Musiala is happy with his own work.

Despite initially being unsure about how much of his time on the pitch would be shared with Thomas Müller, Musiala has made the attacking midfield spot his own with a string of fine performances.

With Kane’s impressive performance, Musiala believes that the more games they play, the more chances he will take and hopefully, he will keep scoring hat-tricks.