Beirut blast probe given 4 days to find culprits

beirut explosion aftermath
The Aftermath, Beirut Port, Lebanon

An investigative committee formed to probe the deadly blast that ripped across Beirut has been given four days to apprehend culprits.

This comes after new information that officials in the Lebanese capital had ignored repeated warnings about a stockpile of dangerous chemicals linked to the blast.

Even more infuriating, is the body of evidence, including emails and public court documents, that officials knew about a shipment of thousands of tons of ammonium nitrate — once described as a “floating bomb”.

The revelation that the blast could be attributed to government negligence has reignited long-held frustration at Lebanon’s political class, which sunk the country deep into debt.

French President Emmanuel Macron offered France’s support for the Lebanese people on a visit to Beirut after the port blast, but said crisis-hit Lebanon would “continue to sink” unless its leaders carry out reforms.

So far, officials said the death toll from the explosion stands at 157 people, with 5,000 others being injured.

Lebanon’s cabinet declared a two-week state of emergency in the capital and handed control of security in the city to the military.

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