Call Girl Arrested On Suspicion Of Stealing A Client’s IPad

Drama unfolded at a Kilimani establishment when a lady who had entertained a guest all night was detained at the gate on suspicion of stealing an IPad. 

A foreigner-only identified as Khan had invited the middle-aged woman to room 131, where they had a good time until the lady left early yesterday morning. 

Khan, on the other hand, noticed that his iPad, which was worth around Sh92,000, was missing almost immediately after she left the room and alerted security, who froze the woman and ransacked her handbag in search of the device.

The iPad was recovered from the woman, and the hotel’s security alerted Capitol Hill Police Station officers, who rushed to the scene right away. 

Both the officers who had arrived to make the arrest and the guards who had detained the woman were taken aback by what happened next. 

Khan allegedly gave her the iPad as payment for the services she had provided him all night because he was short on cash. Second, she informed the officers that she intended to file a sodomy report against the reportee because he had violated nature’s order, which was against her wishes.

For a moment, the recently graduated officers who haven’t come across such cases were puzzled by the sudden turn of events and consulted amongst themselves in hushed tones, before arresting both Khan and the woman for further investigations.

Both reports were booked at the police station.

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