Catholic priest says Governors are vomiting on Kenyans


Cupidity for wealth, insatiable greed, and lack of basics tenets of decency is breeding Kenya By Henry Kimoli.

Fr. Callistus Nyagilo of the Holy Family Basilica says the vice has been devolved to the counties, where elected leaders are eating 99 percent of devolution cash and leaving the citizens to share the remaining 1 percent.

Nyagilo said elected leaders are shameless to the core, and care little for the common good of the people.

He said although devolution is excellent, but it must inculcate accountability, no one should be allowed to eat and vomit on shoes of Kenyans.

He said COVID-19 pandemic must teach us to share resources.

“Jesus fed thousands with two fish, why can’t we share whatever little we have?… We must share.”

He said the world order and the life thereafter abhors greed, adding that the time to share resources equally is not only a God-given right, but also common sense.

“Five-star hotels were closed for a long time. Even hospitals have same procedures for COVID-19. This is the time to change”, Nyagilo said.

While presiding over this Sunday’s mass, Fr. Nyagilo also celebrated 23 years as a priest in Nairobi, urging Kenyans to deepen their faith in God.

“We pray that God may give us the grace to deepen our faith”, he said.

He regretted that COVID-19 has separated the human race from the desires of their lives.

This separation has led to withdrawal systems for many people and great suffering.

Fr. Nyagilo of the Holy Family Minor Basilica says the virus has affected the way we bury our dead and distorted societal norms.

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“The world order as currently known has badly been disturbed. But Christians must never be separated from God.

This COVID-19 pandemic is a lesson on the equitable distribution of resources. We take the lessons being offered by the pandemic”, he said.

Fr. Nyagilo said God made a covenant with Christians to listen to their genuine petitions made in faith. Let us stick to our part”, Nyagilo said.

It has also affected how various faiths worship the world over, making it hard for the human race to comprehend.

“It has separated us from lipstick, from the things we like, it must never separate us from God,” Fr. Nyagilo concluded.


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