Chalk to Heal Your Deadly Chest Pains? Fake Augmentin sold by Pharmacies in Kenya

What an year it has been! In 2019, there has been so much expose of the chemicals that Kenyans have been consuming. from the ‘drugged read meat, to Mercury laced sugar, to Fresh produce thriving along sewage banks.

And now.. medicine. The one thing that is meant to cure us of these toxic substances.

So popular drug Augmentin being sold in Kenya is fake? The essential drug is processed by pharmaceutical giant, GlaxoSmithKline Beecham and distributed by the same.

Augmentin has been known to treat chest infections. Many Kenyans have been buying the ‘useless’ Augmentin chalk, which then developed resistance and some died.

So we wonder, who will take the responsibility?

  1. Minister for Health under whose watch the fake drug was detailed to patients.
  2. Kenya Drugs and Poisons Board that purports to police pharmaceuticals.
  3. Pharmaceuticals Association of Kenya which self regulates sector
  4. GlaxoSmithKlineBeecham for looking the other way as Kenyans were prescribed with useless drug.

We hope that the Directorate of Criminal Inverstigations will crack the whip and have these ‘chalk peddlers’ brought to book, inorder to save Kenyans from further trouble.