Will DCI, DPP pounce on Kenya Ports Authorit Graft Suspects today?

Has impunity in official graft finally come to an end? It would appear so, if remarks attributed to President Kenyatta in Mombasa on Monday are anything to go by.

The President, addressing an audience that included to KPA officials and Ministry of Infrastructure officials said the officials had colluded to defraud Kenyans of millions in inflated bills.

And he was categorical that DCI Director George Kinoti was on his way to Mombasa to arrest the KPA officials and haul them to court.

So who are the likely officials if interest to Kinoti?

  1. The acting MD Daniel Manduku
    He was appointed to the helm of KPA on acting capacity. He was initially MD at National Construction Authority(NCA).
    He is said to be close to a top Ministry of Infrastructure, Housing official who secured him the appointment. It is not clear whether he is target of the prosecution but he has written a statement. If he us not hauled to court, he could as well be a witness Currently, KPA is in the process of hiring a substantive Managing Director
  2. Former MD Naomi Wairi Also said to have recorded a statement over the KPA shipping tender.
  3. Head of Procurement
    This was the driver of the procurement referred to by the President. He is expected to bear the full brunt of the investigation.
  4. The evaluation team for the tender
    This team is drawn from all the departments of KPA based on expertise. It is expected that they will write a statement based on market price index as compiled by KPA during the last financial year .