Comply With Axle Limits Or Face Fines — KENHA

Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) has continued to urge transporters to comply with stipulated lift axles to avoid hefty fines.

DANKA Assistant Operations Manager in Suswa weighbridge Jackson Kimuyu said on Wednesday that the authority has increased its surveillance on the Northern Corridor advising drivers to abstain from axle lifting. 

“Truck drivers should know that KeNHA has installed virtual weighbridge stations along the northern corridor which capture vehicle weights as they drive along the roads.”

“We have reported that the drivers lift the axle roads and when they approach the weighbridge they lower them, I want to warn you that our officers will get you and you will face the law,” Kimuyu warned. 

He added that the vice has contributed to extensive road damage on the Narok- Mai-Mahiu. 

“In Suswa in a month we weigh around 600 trucks with liftable axles out of which we charge around 60,” he noted. 

Kimuyu also noted that there are plans to expand the Suswa weighbridge. 

Axle lifting is a technology that allows trucks to lift one set of wheels.

Kimuyu urged truck drivers to play their role in safeguarding the Ksh. 3 Trillion road network by abiding by the Axle Load Control Act.

Transporters who violate these rules risk fines of up to Ksh. 45 million or a three-year prison term.