Convict breathes Freedom After 2 Decades In Prison

He was one of the prison's longest-serving inmates

For nearly 18 years, Joseph Kagethe would wake up in his six-by-nine-foot concrete cell at the heavily guarded Nakuru Main Prison and prepare for the day ahead.

Kang’ethe, 69, walked free after serving his sentence for defilement.

He was one of the prison’s longest-serving inmates, and each day in prison was the same as the one before.

His long time at the prison had earned him the position of trustee.

At exactly 10:15 am on Friday, the doors of the Nakuru Main Prison opened for Kang’ethe.

He was carrying a bag containing his clothes, a novel, and his certificates. He walked out of the facility a changed man, ready to begin a new life in the community.

Officials from the ‘Crime Si Poa’ organization were waiting for him, an organization that had been transiting with Kang’ethe to help prepare him emotionally and physically before he left prison.

He stood outside the Nakuru prison, deep in thought.

Mr. Kagethe was arrested in 2005 and held in remand until 2009 when he was found guilty of defilement and committing an incident act with a minor by a Molo court.