Curfew and lockdowns are unsustainable, Uhuru says

President Uhuru Kenyatta has hinted at a possible lifting of the ongoing lockdown and dusk to dawn curfew citing that they are unsustainable for the country’s economy.

“Just like other countries we are going to open up our country but this will take personal responsibility from all Kenyans to ensure the disease does not spread,” he said.
Uhuru said Kenyans can not continue to stay home without going work and running their businesses urging them to take a personal initiative in combating the spread of the disease when the time to open up the economy comes.

“I have told my Cabinet secretaries to start explaining to Kenyans that we can not continue with lockdowns and curfew.” He stated
The head of State expressed confidence that the country will overcome the disease urging Kenyans to remain vigilant and protect each other from Coronavirus even the country restarts the economy.

Uhuru reiterated that strictly observing guidelines given by the government and taking a personal initiative when the country reopens will be the only way to curb the spread of the disease.

The president said this while unveiling a 53.7billion budget meant to cushion the country against the harsh economic times brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

He said that the government has been dispatching a total of Ksh250million to vulnerable families to enable them afford a meal especially with the ongoing floods.

However, the President noted that half of the financial resources given to the vulnerable were lost to brokers along with logistics involved.
The President said the government opted to use technology such as mobile money transfer citing that giving the families the money gives them power to make economic choices rather than depending on lining up to receive food donations.

Kenya has recorded 31 new cases of covid-19 raising the tally of infections to 1,192. The total number of fatalities remains at 50. Kenya conducted a total of 57,650 tests.


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