DCI Officer Fails To Prove Impersonation Charge Against Businessman

Businessman Nazir Bhadurali Jinnah wins big in a case where he is charged with impersonating an advocate of the high court after the police failed to prove the allegations that the suspect impersonated veteran lawyer Dr John Khaminwa.

The defence counsel Conrad Maloba challenged a DCI officer, Inspector Eunice Njue, to demonstrate to the court how Nazir represented himself as a colleague in the law firm of Khaminwa & Khaminwa advocates.

“Did the law firm of Khaminwa report any complaint that Nazir was impersonating a lawyer in his law firm?” Asked Maloba.

In response the officer replied that no complaint was reported.

The lawyer further questioned Inspector Njue on the basis of the case given that there was no complaint filed.

However, the officer said she investigated the allegations of impersonation which is the basis of the case.

The officer told the court that she only focused on investigating the allegations that the accused was presenting himself as an advocate in the Law firm.

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