According to proceeding laid bare in Appeal Number 51 of 1989, a Ugandan married slay queen Mrs Margaret Musungu conspired with the late MP for Busia North to withhold information to the police and his Doctor.

The appellant court elucidated how the beauty, largely believed to have been a girl friend to the Minister was picked at Madaraka and driven to Carnivore for undisclosed mission.

However, at the Carnivore turnoff, the duo were accosted by four men armed with crowbar and other crude weapons …

During the attack , the Mp was pulled out of his pick up, beaten senselessly by two assailants as the other two attempted to rape Musungu…

According to police and court records, Musungu fought off the two rapists as the other two literally snapped Echakara’s wife.

During the attack, Musungu lost her underwear, in circumstances that are laughable.

There is no evidence of the recovery of the lingerie, no was is recorded in court as one if the stolen items during the attack.

The attack took place in 1987. During that time, Carnivore was the only construction to the left of Langata road other than the Wilson airport and Langata barracks.

It also raises questions as to why the Minister did not want his wife informed of the attack…despite the fact that Dr. Grace Echakara was a medic at Nairobi Hospital.

During the trial of two men accused of Echakara’s murder, it emerged that Musungu was a married women, who was romantically involved with Echakara.

The evidence of the romance was brought to the limelight by Echakara’s wife. She had testified that she had stumbled on Musungu”s namd on an official complimentary slip signed by Echakara…it was addressed to Excelsior Hotel.
Four pertinent issues arise from the Echakara murder:

  1. Why did the minister compromise his life by stopping at a lonely rough road?
  2. Did he park his car conveniently at a dark section for illicit sex
  3. Was he set up by interested parties jealous about his love adventure with the Ugandan blonde
  4. How did Musungu manage to succesfully fight off two men who wanted to rape her?
    5.Why was Echakara negotiating with the thanks? Were they known to him?
  5. Did the thugs want to kill the minister or “scare him” with a view to forcing him to abandon Musungu?