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Friday, September 17, 2021

DPP orders arrest of man who assaulted Eastmatt supermarket cashier in Kajiado

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The DPP has ordered the arrest of Ibrahim Taraiya, a man who was shown in a video assaulting a cashier at Eastmatt supermarket in Kitengela.

“The ODPP has ordered for immediate arrest of Ibrahim Taraiya, a supervisor at Eastmatt in Kajiado for assaulting a teller,” the DPP’s statement read.

Eastmatt supermarket had earlier issued a statement on the same saying that the man had been suspended and that they had reffered the matter to Kajiado Police station.

Shortly after the man was released after news that the lady forgave the man after talking things through but he was re-arrested after an outcry from the public that he must be punished for his actions.

DPP has said that Traiya will be arraigned on Monday to take plea on assault charges leveled against him.

In the video Taraiya slaps the cashier several times before pulling her hair and then hitting her again numerous times as several people shown in the video watched at a distance.

After more than 5 minutes of beating an unidentified man grabs Taraiya’s hands from the back saving the cashier from further beating. The cashier is receiving medical treatment according to the statement by Eastmatt.

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