DR Congo Suspends Rwandan Television Channels

The media regulator in the Democratic Republic of Congo has ordered the local office of satellite television provider Canal+ to remove Rwandan channels from those it offers to the country.

The suspension will run for a period of 90 days and could potentially be renewed depending on circumstances, the regulator, CSAC RDC, said in a statement.

Kinshasa accuses Rwandan channels of inciting civil disobedience, among many allegations, the Rwandan Chronicles site reports.

The Canal+ offer has about 10 Rwandan TV channels, including Rwandan state broadcaster RBA, that air news and commentary programmes about the ongoing war in eastern DR Congo, the news site adds.

DR Congo, the US and UN experts accuse Rwanda of backing the M23 rebel group in the eastern part of the country.

Rwanda has denied this and blames the Congolese government for the unrest in mineral-rich eastern DR Congo.