Driver, Conductor Cheats Death After Lorry Plunges Into Indian Ocean

A lorry has plunged into the Indian Ocean on the island side of the Likoni crossing channel.

The driver and his conductor were both uninjured, and recovery efforts for the lorry are underway, despite the rising tides in the channel.

The truck was carrying 400 25kg bags of calcium hydroxide, which is used in the construction industry as part of the mortar.

According to the driver, Bonface Makau, the ramp was too steep for the vehicle to climb, causing it to slide back into the sea.

“I would have caused a bad accident if I would have reversed back into the ferry because there were other small vehicles behind me,” Makau said.

He added that his efforts were futile even after stepping on the brakes. He also claimed that the conductor attempted to use stones, but the vehicle still rolled over the rocks, plunging into the ocean.

Several bags of the materials have also been recovered from the vehicle, which is almost completely submerged in the ocean due to rising tides.

According to first responders, the shipment was heading to Nairobi from the Coast Calcium company in Kombani, Kwale County.