Dry spell is real guys — Akothee talks ‘starvation’ and celeb life

Akothee took to Instagram today to rant about the fact that she has been suffering from very long dry spells as a female celebrity she went on to talk about her sexuality and insecurities. By Stephanie Mwangi

She admitted to being a victim of sexual starvation and she attributes the insecurities and selfish interest posed by men who hit on her

“But for a female celebrity everybody wants to offer you sex just to boast and smear you around .you can’t even check into a hotel in peace before they start looking at who hands and legs do those belong to.

Don’t ever be deluded that your favorite celebrity of icon is having his or her life smooth and that all is figured out she points out to the people posing as holier than thou

Everyone is immoral and doing all types of sex styles day in day out from church pastors. She went on to question bloggers who are always writing stories about other people and went on to ask them what tickles their fancy