EACC Confirms Arrest Of A Fake NIS Officer Frustrating Politicians

Integrity Centre that hosts Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) offices in Nairobi on Tuesday, April 6, 2021. PHOTO DENNIS ONSONGO.

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission revealed the arrest of a fraudster who was posing as a senior officer of the National Intelligence Service and swindling millions from graft suspects, including high-ranking politicians.

The agency revealed in a statement that the imposter had a history of encounters with law enforcement and was being investigated by multiple agencies.

The imposter NIS officer falsely claimed to be a member of the EACC and to have been involved in cases involving high-ranking officials.

He would approach targeted people and assure them that he could make their cases disappear, implying that he played a key role in the ongoing investigations.

According to reports, the man claimed to be well-connected to senior police officers in charge of various agencies.

To help out the suspects in question, the imposter would then demand millions as payment.

“The suspect dupes his victims, mostly high-ranking officials, into believing that he has top-notch connections with heads of key security and law enforcement agencies in the country and that by a single phone call, he can “cause many things to happen,” read the statement in part.

“He has been contacting his victims claiming to be investigating very sensitive matters and has information that incriminates them. He then demands millions of money from the victims to assist them out of trouble.”

He is expected to be arraigned in Court upon the completion of investigations.

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