Editorial: Nkurunzisa death a warning shot


The death of President Pierre Nkurunzisa is the first fatal shot by COVID 19 in East Africa.
It is a firm and dealy warning that Corona Virus knows not class, tribe, title, and religion.
It vindicates Kenya’s health CS various warnings that abnormal behavior will escalate the COVID 19 spread…and with its very deadly consequences.

Sad that Nkurunzisa had trivialized the effects of COVID 19…declaring it as just the flu.
Yet the disease already hit his family when his wife Denise Nkurunzisa was diagnosed with the disease and flown to Nairobi.

Her aides were also treated for the disease. Their current status and update remain unknown. In view of this development, Kenyans must be wary of the deadly effects of this disease. We must now fully heed the Government directives on how to flatten the curve or be prepared for the consequences.

The consequences are too grave to fathom. The reason why the Government and specifically President Uhuru Kenyatta must tread carefully and ensure the planned reopening of the economy does not expose the country to COVID 19 chaos.
Sadly, Kenyans are now relaxing the COVID 19 control mechanisms. The fear factor of this epidemic has slowly evaporated.

The Government must now enforce fully the washing of hands and social distancing mechanisms to ensure Kenyans are safe. At while at it, President Kenyatta must secure our borders to ensure the pandemic is fully controlled.
We can’t afford the luxury of straining our health care at a time when our national coffers have run dry.

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