Edotorial: Police deserve praise for Likoni maturity

Her alias name is Sipite. Wavinya Ndeti, the Chief Administrative Officer at the Ministry of Public works decided to pass by Likoni to inspect a foot bridge being constructed accross the sea. Nothing wrong here. After all, Ndeti is an Assistant Minister if you like it deputy Cabinet Minister.

At this level, she is a top policy maker and can visit any Government project with or without notice. We are however living in Covid-9 times. Meaning that Ndeti, and other public officers, senior or otherwise should be processed for purposes of the health protocols set by the Ministry of health.

But Ndeti, a senior politician chose to ignore all this and enter the project an announced. So who was supposed to take her around the project, brief her on progress so that she can explain to her boss CS James Macharia on the status?
Was the Deputy County Commisioner Charles Monari the right person to contact the tour?

The Chief Engineer Ronald Run, who they molested is the technical person and best suited for the job. Did Wavinya abuse protocol by visiting a construction sight without a reflector jacket, protective head gear and other safety measures?
Ndeti has been in Parliament , served in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as assistant Minister among other dockets.

As such, she has the pedigree to judge situations, better than the overzealous DCC who is unable to manage power.
For once the police behaved…they refused to handcuff the Chief Engineer and allowed the DCC to break the law.
And for that, he takes the greatest responsibility.