Elephants Invade Igembe North Farms

Residents of Ngaya in Igembe North, Meru County, have expressed their fear over elephant invasion in the area.

They have decried that the elephants from Meru National Park have destroyed their crops including maize, sorghum, beans, bananas, avocados and miraa posing food insecurity in the area.

They said that their crops which had already flowered  such as  maize and beans which were almost ready for harvest have been totally  damaged by the ferocious animal leaving them with no hope for any harvest.

They lamented that for a period of time the area has been hit adversely by severe drought due shortage of rains.

They added that they are not only complaining over crop destruction but also fear over their lives.

The residents demanded compensation from the National Government for they have no hope since they depend on farming, adding that Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) takes about two years to compensate farmers.

They have urged both governments and the KWS to urgently intervention.