BY STEPHANIE MWANGI – England Premier League Star Mohamed Salah spent Tuesday night in Nairobi while on transit to an undisclosed location.

He left on Wednesday morning under tight security. The Egypian cum Liverpool striker was booked at Hilton Garden Inn on Mombasa Road.

“His team came here and talked to one of our bosses. They didn’t want any information out. However, we enjoyed his stay,” said a waiter at the hotel.

A night at Hilton Garden Inn costs anywhere from Sh 14,000 for a standard room to sh 30,000 for a king-sized one bedroom suite .

The hotel administration was under strict orders by his team to ensure the Premier League top scorer got a low-profile reception at the facility.

“We didn’t know where he was heading,” a waiter said.

Staff described Salah as a humble young man.