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Cancer: Is it Time to declare it a National Disaster?

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BY STEPHANIE MWANGI – There are so many diseases found in the world. Some of them can be cured and some others have been killing people for years. For example, cancer is the name for a group of diseases in which the body’s cells are changed in appearance and function.

This disease is the  third  leading cause of death in the Kenya, accounting for 22 percent of all deaths in this country.

Cancer can develop from genetic defect

A single gene in a single chromosome that gets passed on from generation to generation. This disease can be treated and cured, but sometimes people may get it back again. Stomach and Breast cancers are some of cancers that can result from a genetic defect.

On the other hand the Lung cancer cases are causes for the 80 percent cigarette smoking and is a major risk factor for many others cancers as well. 

Stomach cancer is a disease in which normal sells in the stomach tissues become cancerous and grow out of control. Like any other disease stomach cancer is physically and emotionally stressful. This disease can be caused for excess to smoking and drinking alcohol.

Cancer changes lifestyle

Lots of things happen around us and sometimes we never stop to take a moment and look at everything we have and be thankful. Women in this century are very concerned about their looks and careers.

 They compete with each other at work, in social gatherings, and even at school. But if any one of them had been diagnosed with breast cancer, they come together to bring support to each other. The word cancer can bring so many feelings that it can take the wind out of you. 

It is estimated that 182,800 women and 1,400 men in kenya  will be diagnosed with breast cancer . Though rare in men, breast cancer accounts for 30% of all cancer diagnosed in women.

When the doctor has just told you that your diagnosis of breast cancer is most definite, it typically triggers a whirlwind of feelings and concerns. From the most emotional thinking, “How will I survive this cancer?” to the most practical one saying, “How will my life change after this?” Caring and support can be found from the women who are surviving and managing their lives despite having breast cancer.

The most common feeling is of Low self-esteem; not having any love for yourself. Self-esteem is a one’s feeling of high or low self worth. You have no control over your feelings, thinking less of yourself and having doubt in all aspect of life.

In as much as we want to make cancer a national disaster how about we look at our lifestyle what we consume and also to NEMA& KEBS if you were a bit more careful on the products you certify to be fit for consumption we could at least bring the death mortality to zero.

 Yes We’ve lost big people to cancer from Aretha franklin, Walt Disney, Bob Collymore, now Ken Okoth and Joyce Laboso it’s not right that we only talk about it only when prominent people die people are suffering out here locally, globallyLets create awareness in cancer as we are doing so when it comes to things like elections, Huduma number, malaria, HIV/aids cancer is claiming innocent lives and people need your help out here.

But anyway good luck staying alive (or just well-nourished) in this day and age.

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