DCI To Hold Eric Maigo Murder Suspect For 21 Days

A Nairobi Court has allowed DCI to detain for 21 days a 16-year-old minor alleged to have murdered Nairobi Hospital Finance Director Eric Maigo in cold blood.

The state sought for 21 days to allow police to conclude investigations.

The 16-year-old was arrested on Tuesday in the Kibra area in Nairobi County.

In a miscellaneous application, the police say that the minor, A.O is believed to have violently attacked the deceased on September 15 resulting to his untimely death.

The investigation officer further said that key witnesses are yet to record statements and take DNA samples for analysis at the government chemist.

“The subject at hand is believed to have been injured while escaping the scene through the fence and we are yet to ascertain the nature of the injuries before forwarding the case file to the ODPP for perusal and advice and not limited to the respondent’s production before a court of law for further directions,” reads the miscellaneous application.

The lawyer representing Maigo’s family informed the Court that the family needed justice given the fact that the media coverage of the murder seems to pursue a narrative that Maigo met his death in circumstances which are not morally acceptable.

The minor, who police said was on the run, was arrested at Olympic village in Kibra, on Tuesday night.

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