Maxine, Asad Used To Fight Alot — Neighbour Testifies In Court

The hearing of a murder case against Safari Rally driver Maxine Wahome proceeded today.

Asad Khan’s neighbour told the Court that Maxine was a victim of gender-based violence as the couple could fight from time to time.

The court was told that Maxine and Asad (the deceased) used to have differences and they would fight from time to time.

“From the time I moved in that house the two used to fight …sometimes in a month I would not hear anything and sometimes I would hear it twice a week,” testified the neighbour.

Chemutai Kipkorir told Court that on December 12, 2022, she was in her house when she heard commotion from Asad’s house.

She said that she did not get out of her house to try and intervene the matter, however, according to her, she heard a woman crying amid the commotion.

“When he was yelling I heard …”Get out of my house” then I heard the lady crying …I went to my living room and used my house intercom to call the guard,” court was told.

Chemutai told court that she heard the guard knocking the door, ringing the bell and going downstairs.

According to Chemutai, she went on to call 911 and the Kileleshwa association chairman.

“I heard glasses falling from my dining room window …I tried to call 911 and Kileleshwa because it was terrifying and sought of police intervention,” Chemutai added, saying she heard someone groaning afterwards.

“I heard someone saying Kalulu…Kalulu (Asad) what has happened…I went to my balcony window and I could see neighbors and the chairman. They brought him down and took him outside as one of the neighbours brought a car. I was seeing all this from my balcony. I could see he was covered with blood and could see they were pressing one of the legs,” she stated.

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Maxine was arrested in December 2022 for alleged assault on Asad who was her boyfriend but later he passed on due to injuries he sustained.

In March 2023 she was charged with the murder of Asad but denied the murder charges maintaining she is innocent and that Asad died as a result of self inflicted injuries.

The case proceeds in Court.