Eric Omondi Inspires Fascinates Kenyans with Hilarious Skit of General Muhoozi Attempting to Capture Nairobi

Netizens were amused when comedian Eric Omondi lambasted Ugandan army general Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s men for being confused by Nairobi’s infrastructure and beautiful ladies.

Muhoozi suggested in a Tweet a few weeks ago that he would take over Nairobi, claiming it is part of Uganda’s territory.

The hilarious parody showed him playing the Ugandan general arriving in a chopper with his armed troops.

“I think we have landed in… we are in Dubai, this is not Kenya,” said the comedian playing Muoozi after landing at the Nairobi Expressway.

Omondi’s funny video showed one soldier getting held in a chokehold by notorious Nairobi criminals.

Later on in the video, the troop can be seen having fun in a nightclub.