Eric responds to Avril after insinuating that she was referring to him

Eric has gone on to warn musicians in Kenya that comedians in Kenya are now in control of the entertainment industry.

In response to the post Avril said she was okay with him trending as long as he told different jokes. This did not auger well with Eric and he never lacks responses to anyone on social media who has anything negative to say about him.

Eric went on to screenshot her response with a laughing emoji and captioned it that he was referring to the current musicians and not to the former ones. “Now who is this I was talking to the current musicians not the former ones.

This comes after Eric admitted that the wife material show was all scripted to spear head the beginning ng of the production in the bigtime studios.

The reason these two had a heated argument is because Eric has been trending for almost a week and this was something Eric found inspiring to him and encouraging.

Though Ezekiel Mutua has had the DCI look into the wife material show and investigate what happens in his studios because he said that he is exploiting young girls and the society kept quiet about it and didn’t find anything wrong with it.