Alex Mwakideu and Jalang’o hint at a radio reunion

Milele FM presenter and Kiss FM presenter Felix Odiwuor have hinted that they might have a radio reunion this year.

The two used to work together for the recent years until early last year where Jalango got a job at kiss FM. reason being is that he couldn’t agree with his management.

Last year media max was laying off their workers and Jalango was among them but he insisted that he resigned because he did not agree with the employment terms with his HR manager.

“Today has been a very amazing day and a sad day with everyone at my work place at mediamax. Covid-19 hit everyone hard and everyone has had to tighten their seatbelts and mediamax has been hit hard too. I was not at work today because my management and I couldn’t agree on a few terms even as we speak my HR has put me on hold still discussing the employment terms. “Read a post by jalas before leaving his job at media max  …

The two of them first worked together at Radio maisha before jalas went to hot 96 where he worked alongside Jeff Koinange.he later then quit and went to Milele FM and reunited with Alex Mwakideu.

The two posted a banner written Alex and Jalas and captioned the post ‘the time is now!’

If they are set to re-unite it is not yet clear to the public what they are set on doing.