Huawei Showcases AI Strides, Vows To Support Kenya’s Digital Revolution

Huawei Kenya recently held the IP & OptiX Club 2024, a platform for industry exchange on IP and optical technologies.

The event focused on “F5G Advanced: The Foundation for Industry Intelligence,” showcasing Huawei’s latest solutions for various sectors in Kenya.

Attendees from government, transportation, finance, and other industries explored innovative applications of IP communication, optical fiber communication, and optical fiber sensing.

Huawei experts also shared insights on future technology trends in networking and transmission, highlighting the role of AI and digital maps in improving network efficiency.

The event underscored Huawei’s commitment to Kenya’s digital transformation through investment in R&D, customer focus, and innovative solutions. As Loyford Murithi, ICT Director, MOIC & DE, noted, “improving network quality is key for improving digital productivity.”

Huawei Kenya IP & OptiX Club 2024 positioned Huawei as a key partner in Kenya’s digital journey, fostering intelligent transformation and industry progress.