BY PRUDENCE WANZA – Ex police informer Peter Ngugi has opposed the playing of a video on murder of lawyer Willie Kimani.

The video which is 47 minutes long is expected to show the 6 different scenes on how they trailed the late lawyer to how they killed and disposed the body sack.

According to his lawyer,Kevin Michuki the playing of the video will be against the accused person’s right to fair trial and the right against self incrimination.

Michuki argued that the prosecution had not complied with the confession rules and did not make any attempts to do so hence the video is inadmissible to court.

“Confession should have been carried out under the rules of confession provided by the law,’ said the lawyer.

The prosecution led by Nicholas Mutuku stated that the objection by the lawyer not to play the video was only meant to delay the matter.

He further argued that the defence had not told the court which portion of the video was incriminating as it was claimed.

” This objection is premature because the contents have not been laid before court same for transcripts translated and marked before court,” said Mutuku.

Mutuku further argued that any serious attack on the evidence can only happen during cross examination of the witness.

He further told the court that the accused person testified in his own free will and he was not forced to take officers to the scene.

“We cautioned the accused person and informed him of his rights but he chose to take us to the scene,” submitted Mutuku.

Lady Justice Jessie Lessit directed that she will give the ruling on whether the video will be admitted before court as evidence on October 14.

The hearing of the case is expected to proceed on Friday,October 11th.