Finlays Flower farm to fire its workers on December 25, citing bad business

Finlays Flower farm | PHOTO COURTESY

Finlays flower farm based in Kericho is laying off all its workers on December 25th.

In a statement to the workers, General Manager Stephen Scott cited challenges from the external market flactuations are leading to low returns.

“Due to an oversupply in the European Market and decreasing demand, the price of roses has remained very low,” said Scott, “We have also experienced a weakening exchange rate, extreme weather conditions and high labour costs.”

Finlays General Manager Stephen Scott | PHOTO COURTESY

COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli rubbished the manager’s sentiments, as mere excuses. He directed that Finlays has been exploiting its workers and withholding their pay.

”Only when the Trade Union is after them is when he thinks about closing business. We are going to stop this nonsense in court and make sure workers in Kericho are respected. ” Atwoli said.

The multinational has previously incurred losses running into millions of shillings following a workers’ strike that had brought its tea processing business to a halt and led to the destruction of property.