1. Sportspeople put on much weight much faster than other inactive people. Tell your players to measure their weight and the team doctor to record somewhere, and measure again when they’ll resume for training God willing…
  2. Encourage them to take more water (to rehydrate all the times) this helps to lower the risks of muscle cramps.
  3. Do a lot of stretching exercises to maintain and improve range of motion in muscles and joints, poor flexibility leads to shortening and tightening of muscles which increases chances of injuries
  4. Eat well and not just one type of food like bread or chapatti throughout. .they should eat a variety of foods…
  5. Avoid sitting for long hours watching as this can cause muscle cramps and blood pulling in the legs (player can faint when he wakes up abruptly after sitting for long).
    ….. Your team doctors should assist much in doing all this as to ensure the good health and fitness of the players is maintained.
    Fitness take
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