Football Kenya Federation (FKF) president Nick Mwendwa has revealed there was an agreement in place about taking 30% of the Sh50 million given to the Harambee Stars as a reward for making it to the 2019 African Cup of Nations in Egypt for administration purposes.

A couple of days ago, Kenya captain Victor Wanyama stated FKF took Sh12 Million for budgetary purposes, a move that some critics felt benefited several individuals.

However, the administrator has come clear on the issue, pointing out it was an agreement reached by the two parties. 

“We met with the players and reached an agreement that the federation will take 30% for administrative costs and they share the remaining amount,” Mwendwa told NTV.

“Wanyama explained the same, the only difference is that we had to re-negotiate again after some players had an issue and we agreed to take Sh12 million.

“The captain has no issue, he had to clear the air after Aboud Omar brought up the case.”

Mwendwa has also shed light on his trip to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) on Thursday, May 21.

“Yes, I was there but nothing was alarming; it was about the Sh244 million we were given for 2019 Afcon preparations and I explained how we used the money,” Mwendwa added.

“It is not the first time I have been in the DCI offices; in February I was there to explain the situation over the OB Van and everything is documented.

“This is an election period and my rivals can use anything against me, but it does not worry me at all.”

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The administrator also responded to former coach Sebastien Migne’s recent threat to report Kenya over delayed payment of his dues.

“For the first-timer, FKF and a coach entered into a negotiation instead of sacking them immediately. Migne’s contract was running until July 2021 and we agreed that FKF will take care of his family, pay his rent, offer him a car and a driver after he left,” Mwendwa continued.

“As we speak, we have paid him Sh12 million and we were to pay him until March as compromise agreement.

“The agreement stood nullified the moment he would get and take another job and the good thing is he got the Equatorial Guinea job. As at now, he has not been paid two or three million shillings of the remainder of his money. 

“We are the first FKF leadership to deal with sacking a coach in the right manner. We agreed with Migne and we paid him but the only challenge maybe is the delay of payment sometimes.

“Migne reacted maybe after the payment delayed but his love for the country is unquestionable.”


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