Flash Floods Wreak Havoc on Billion-shilling LAPSSET Project

Flash floods hit Tana River County over the Easter weekend, destroying Road infrastructure.

Major roads such as the Garissa – Hola – Garsen road were rendered impassable by the flash floods.

Road section between Bilbil and Dukanotu villages is the worst damaged. Those using Bura – Garissa route are advised to use alternative route.

The road diversion from Bura – Hola has also been flooded in most of the sections. Motorists and other travellers intending to use the sections are advised to wait until the rains and/or flooding subsides.

Fears abound that billions of shillings worth of Roads will be destroyed.

Tana River County is 180 metres above sea level, making it Prone to flood waters from Kitui County.

An alternative road is available:-
Hola – Waldena – Chifiri- Twambui- Endau- Mwitika – Kitui road.

The gravel earth road however, requires a lot of drainage structures on some sections despite it being passable throughout the year.