Azimio, Kenya Kwanza Beg Italian To Quit Governor Race

Mr Franck Esposito, a Kenyan of Italian, said that he was separately approached by leaders from the two coalitions, each wanting him to bow out of the race

One of the Kilifi gubernatorial candidates has claimed that Kenya Kwanza and Azimio coalitions want him to drop his ambition on their favour.

Mr Franck Esposito, a Kenyan of Italian who is popularly known as Kasoso Baya, said that he was separately approached by leaders from the two coalitions, each wanting him to bow out of the race in their favor. However, the independent candidate said he dismissed them because he is headed toward victory.

He wondered why they were worried about him yet his name was not appearing in the opinion polls list.

“I have been approached by representatives of Azimio, Kenya Kwanza, in the past few days asking me to step down in favour of Aisha Jumwa and Gideon Mung’aro,” he said.

Esposito said from his reliable sources he knows that he was the one leading above Aisha Jumwa with 47 per cent of the vote followed by Jumwa with 44 per cent and Mung’aro with 36 per cent while PAA party candidate George Kithi was at 18 per cent. he said the other candidates including Dzombo Mbaru were at 8 per cent while Michale Tinga was at 4 per cent respectively.

“I am moving forward am working for the people of Kilifi altogether for the Mijikenda and other people who live here in Kilifi we are all together one country one nation,” he said.

The Italian said he would not step down because doing so would be betraying his people.

“I made a promise that I will make a change and stepping down for any reward would mean betrayal of the people of Kilifi,” he said.

Esposito said since independence Kilifi county has remained with the same issues affecting the people including low education standards, poor development, and lack of key projects such as irrigation, infrastructure, and employment.

He said the leaders who have been elected by people have extremely been selfish.

The Independent candidate said the leaders made a lot of promises but after getting into power disappeared and went to Nairobi forgetting about the people.

“It’s time now for a change, it is now or never. Kasoso Mbaya is ready to make it work, create a future for the younger generation,” he said.

Once elected he said his salary would be used to pay fees for poor bright children up to university.

Esposito said if elected he would also assist women groups to start projects of their choice to sustain their families.

he also said his administration will come up with irrigation projects so that water can be fully utilized and produce benefits.

“Do not despair on election date on the 9th of August 2022 go and vote in large numbers organize yourselves even your sick father or mother carries them to the polling station,” he said.

The Kilifi governor hopeful told them to vote for him in large numbers adding that his symbol on the ballot was the rhino.