French tourist dies after falling into a Waterfall while taking a Selfie

Authorities at the scene of the fall atTanah Lot in Tabanan, Bali | PHOTO COURTESY

A French tourist was found dead in Tabanan, Bali, on Tuesday, a day after he went missing after being swept out to sea.

The tourist was identified as Gilbert Henry Marcel Guidot, 75.

The acting head of the Bali Search and Rescue Agency, I Made Junetra, said Guidot was found 1 kilometer from where he was swept out by the tide at Pasut Beach. 

“His body was located a kilometer south of where he was first swept out by the tide,” Junetra said as quoted by on Tuesday, adding that the incident occurred at around 5:45 p.m. local time Monday while the victim was swimming.

Guidot’s body was taken to Tabanan General Hospital for an autopsy. (dpk)

PHOTO: Russians like Kirill Oreshkin have attracted large social media followings from their “daredevil” selfies. (Facebook: Kirill Oreshkin)

So far, 259 people have so far been reported dead seeking the perfect picture. The quest for extreme selfies killed 259 people between 2011 and 2017, a 2018 global study has revealed.

Researchers at the US National Library of Medicine recommend that ‘no selfie zones’ should be introduced at dangerous spots to reduce deaths.

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