Gachagua Orders Immediate Arrest Of Chief Drinking At A Local Pub

Gachagua wondered how the administrator would perform his duties while drunk.

On Saturday, July 8, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua ordered the arrest of a chief in Nyeri County for drinking at a local pub during the day.

During a funeral speech, the DP expressed deep regret over the national government administrator’s behavior, saying it directly contradicted the government’s long-standing efforts to combat the sale of illicit alcohol, particularly in the Mt Kenya region, and address the widespread problem of alcoholism in the region.

Gachagua wondered how the administrator would perform his duties while drunk.

The Deputy President, however, did not reveal the chief’s name or position. Nonetheless, the County Commander was given the information he needed to carry out the arrest.

“Right now, there’s a chief drinking at the bar.” I’ll give you his name so you can go and arrest him. How is he drinking at 1 p.m.? How will a drunken chief deal with the alcohol here?

“You’ll have to find a replacement for him.” There will be no drunk chief in this government. “They will choose whether to drink or work,” the DP stated.

Gachagua hinted during his speech that he learned of the chief’s whereabouts from locals, revealing that some residents on his home turf had his phone number.

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