Puzzle Of Carrots, Bread And A Dead Body

Police retrieved carrots, potatoes, and two loaves of bread from Theta River Wamuguthoko community – Gatundu South, Kiambu County, where Wanjiku Karanja’s corpse was discovered earlier today.

The middle-aged woman is suspected to have been stabbed many times in the chest and limbs while returning home from Gatundu town, where she had been working.

It is believed that Wanjiku was heading home on Sunday night at around 9:30 pm using a motorbike when the incident happened.

According to village elder Kariuki Kibathi, Wanjiku’s body was discovered by a villager who had gone to the river’s banks.

Her body was discovered in the river, surrounded by thickets, trees, and a coffee factory, with signs indicating that the killers may have struggled to murder her.

A knife was retrieved from Wanjiku’s limbs, instilling dread among villagers, who are now demanding action from security personnel in the region.

 “We are saddened that this incident happened. We have been enjoying a lot of peace here since we jointly, with local administrators resolved to fight outlawed substances. The murder of Wanjiku has rebirthed cases of insecurity and most disturbing is that the killers had zero mercy on her,” Kibathi stated.

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