Government Eager to Achieve Human, Wildlife Coexistence to Address the Cause of Wildlife Loss

    Mr. Silvia Museiya, the Principal Secretary for Wildlife, and Dr. Eng. Festus K. Ng’eno, the Principal Secretary for Environment and Climate Change, took part in the inaugural workshop on advancing human wildlife management effectiveness in Kenya through an integrated strategy today at a Nairobi hotel.

    The effort is part of the GEF-8 Global Wildlife Programme (GWP), which is one of the eleven integrated programmes under the Global Environment Facility’s eighth replenishment cycle (GEF-8).

    The Global Wildlife Programme from GEF-6 and GEF-7 was successful in tackling the core causes of wildlife loss, and this project seeks to replicate that success through national, trans-boundary, regional, and global interventions.

    KWS, WRTI, KWCA, and other partners will work with the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife (State Department of Wildlife) and Conservation International (CI) to carry out the project.

    Incorporating a new focus on zoonotic spill over reduction through enhanced surveillance and monitoring of zoonotic and animal diseases, the project aims to support integrated management of Human Wildlife Conflicts (HWCs) and institutional strengthening, strengthen community-led conservation to address HWCs and livelihoods, and promote learning, knowledge sharing, and project coordination.