Mob storms Gachocho police station in Murang’a, killing suspect

A storm of rage erupted in Kigumo, Murang’a County, on Wednesday, July 10, as an angry mob overwhelmed police defences and killed a suspected murderer within the station’s walls.

Villagers, incensed by the alleged fratricide, swarmed the station in large numbers, easily overpowering the officers on duty. The mob then broke into the cells and beat the suspect to death.

The deceased, accused of killing his own brother, had been in police custody awaiting further investigation.

Police officers deployed to contain the mob lobbed tear gas and used rubber bullets, but tear gas ran out after a long running battle.

The mob eventually overpowered the police, pelting their landcruisers with stones before breaking into the cells and fishing out the suspect before beating him to death.

The suspect who was beaten to death is said to have plotted with his other brother to murder their sibling.

The police have yet to release an official statement on the matter, leaving the community and the nation in suspense.