Government to issue title deeds to Kilifi residents

The government aims to issue about 40,000 titles to residents of Kilifi County before this year ends. The move is expected to surpass the initial target of 21,000 titles deeds that the ministry of lands had targeted for issuance before the end of the year. 
Chief Lands Administrative Secretary (CAS) Gideon Mung’aro speaking in an interview in Malindi said that the ministry has made good strides in addressing land problem in the region which among them was the move to buy and settle hundreds of squatters occupying the Mazrui land along the Coast line. 

“We are doing so much in as far as land matters in Kilifi and at the Coast is concerned. Some of the land issues we are addressing is the Weru ranch which the county allocated funds for its survey,” said Mr Mung’aro. He said that survey of  phase three of the Chakama Settlement scheme is going on where the government is expected to issue title deeds to residents occupying 2,000 acres of land in that scheme. 

 “We had a problem with the ACK land in Jilore which its lease had expired and now that land will be given to the communities.  
Basically in Kilifi County if we get another month before the President returns we shall have raised from the previous targeted 21,000 titles to 40,000 titles because there are so many interventions we are doing in addressing land issues at the Coast,” said the CAS. 

Mr Mungaro said they were also working on several land interventions in Magarini, Ganze, Kaloleni sub counties. 
“There are so many things we are doing in Magarini, Ganze, Kaloleni, and we have already started in Matano Manne, nd Mnyenzeni wa have just started. Surevying is also going in Chamari, Adu , Dakatcha and we want these people to have their own title deeds for their land,” said Mr Mung’aro.