Governor Sakaja Lifts Suspension of Building Plans, Forms Special Team

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has lifted the suspension on approval of architectural building plans that have been in force from 29th April, 2024.

Governor Sakaja had suspended new approvals of building plans and excavations at construction sites during the recent downpour and flooding that was experienced in the city.

The Governor also ordered for auditing of construction sites and buildings which were approved over the last 24 months to ensure they are compliant and further directed the establishment of a multi-stakeholders team to undertake building audits in the city.

Arising from this, the Nairobi City County Government (NCCG), through the acting County Secretary’s office, has written to various stakeholders requesting them to forward names of professionals and representatives who will now form part of the task force.

The task force shall convene on the 12th of June to commence the audit exercise across the city.

The task force has 60 days within which to complete its work and submit a report to the Governor’s office for implementation.

Additionally, the ban on excavations of new construction sites has also been lifted forthwith. The suspension of approval requirements and exemption of fee payments on flooded-related repairs and renovations (walls & buildings) has also been lifted.

The Governor has also reconstituted the Urban Technical Committee (UPTC) by calling for new representation from stakeholders who include architects, urban planners, environmentalists and engineers’ bodies among others.

The UPTC is the responsible committee that deliberates and recommends granting building plan approvals.