Gov’t Donates Vehicle to the Tourist Police Unit in Effort to Enhance Tourist Safety

The Cabinet Secretary of Tourism, Hon. Peninah Malonza, donated a car to the Tourist Police Unit (TPU) in Gede, Kilifi County, along with the Chief of Staff and Head of Public Service, Felix Koskei, in a moving demonstration of their shared dedication to tourism and guaranteeing the safety of tourists.

TPU works tirelessly to uphold law and order, respond to issues, and offer assistance. It serves as a vital link between tourists and the local authorities. The number of tourists increasing as the high season draws near puts more pressure on TPU’s resources.

Recognising how crucial it was to assist the police, the choice was made to provide a car, giving them the tools they needed to execute their jobs well.

The vehicle will represent the Ministry’s dedication to the tourism industry and unquestionably improve TPU’s efficiency and effectiveness.

The CS emphasised at the ceremony that providing the police with a dependable mode of transportation will allow them to react quickly to crises and offer timely support to tourists.

Koskei also disclosed plans to work with the Ministry of Interior and the National government in addition to the car donation.

“The collaboration will focus on establishing a framework for cooperation, information sharing, and joint initiatives focused on ensuring the safety of tourists. Comprehensive training programs and the implementation of advanced technology solutions will be key components of this partnership,” said Koskei.

TPU, the Ministry of Interior, and the National Administration strive to do everything possible to ensure that tourists are treated with security by collaborating closely. Together, they work to create a setting in which guests can explore, learn, and make lifelong memories

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