It’s no longer clear if Jubilee will implode but when it will, the remnants of the political implosion will be many, but DP Dr. William Samoei Ruto stands out like a sore thump.

Sample the following. Ruto and his Tanga Tanga team have resigned their Jubilee future to fate, but not the DP’s Presidential ambition.

Tellingly, the DP has told his handlers private to prepare for life outside Jubilee. Reason? He appears to have fallen out with the President and the political machinery that ‘manages’ political succesion in Kenya.

Some of the die hards of Jubilee however say there is the light at the end of the tunnel. They claim Uhuru has never outrightly disowned the DP, the same way former President Moi rejected Professor Saitoti, Kalonzo Musyoka, Musalia Mudavadi in favour of Uhuru.

So what political card is DP Ruto is hiding in his political coat?

1. He has galvanised the Rift Valley voting machine quietly against his political nemesis Raila Odinga.

2. He has silently started a hustlers movement with a view to up-stage political dynasties.

3. He has made forays to Western Province the political headquarters of Raila.

4. He has raided a table banking countrywide initiative for support.

His political enemies are however not in a mood to relax.
The mood for a referendum to change the political structure that includes the watering down of the Presidency has is already in place.

Former Civil service chief is an experienced political fixer who planted and watered the UhuRuto ticket during their tribulations at the Hague. His body language suggests he is about to midwife another alliance that will exclude Ruto.

Muthaura upstaged former President Mwai Kibaki bid to install Musalia Mudavadi as his successor. He made Wiper Leader Kalonzo, his former boss at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs lose his status as the automatic successor to Kibaki.

Could he now be pushing Kalonzos bid to gain the vital GEMA support.
Then there is the multi billion Raila question. GEMA looks set to thank Raila for crowning Kibaki president in 2002.

Has the curse of former Vice Presidents finally caught up with Dr.Ruto? Only time will tell.