Safaricom, Xetova Sign New Pact With Health Ministry

Written By Mary Mumbua

Xetova, a Pan-African technology firm, will cooperate with the Health Ministry and Safaricom to find solutions to supply chain disruptions in the event of global uncertainty.

Health CAS Dr. Rashid Aman stated at a forum held at Strathmore Business School that the collaboration will improve national planning for the consumption of essential healthcare products and their timely delivery to various health care facilities across the country.

“I hope the collaboration opens up avenues where other players can be rocked in to expand the supply chain space” he said.

The CAS outlined that lack of technological support to the healthcare supply chain leads to poor planning and commodity waste due to misplacement and expiration.  

According to Dr. Rashid, Africa does not lack talent but lacks a structured approach to the adoption and use of technology, particularly in the mining and application of data to African health technologies.

Bramuel Mwalo, CEO of Xenova, stated that the cost of inefficiency in Africa is higher due to a lack of insight and proper communication, implying that the use of the right tools and technology can reduce Africa’s 40 percent money loss.

Dr. Rashid further urged Africa to rise up and use information technology to improve healthcare supply and value chains, as well as to explore ways to strengthen their capacities.

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