Hope for sports fraternity as draft proposal for return of sports is released

Sports Cabinet Secretary Ambassador Amina Mohammed Monday morning released draft guidelines in a detailed report on sports resumption in the country, subject to further review before its operationalized.

Stakeholders have a window of seven days to give their views on the report by the CAS Hassan Noor Hassan led committee, before the Ministry puts together the final protocols.

However, sports organizations and federations will have to appoint committees to oversee the implementation of the proposals, with stakeholders calling for special attention to the return of national teams to training depending on specific disciplines’ international calendar

The proposed protocols that have seen sports categorized from high risk to low risk will see some of the most stringent measures put in place owing to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Swimming to remain closed

However, swimming will be the most hit sport with its resumption set to take a bit longer since swimming pools and aquatic venues all water sports with high aerosol levels will remain closed.

Saunas, steam rooms, and hot tubs will remain closed as per the recommendations in the draft

sports resumption will take place in six categories and in three phases.

  1. Phase 1:            Medical and Fitness Tests
  2. Phase 2:           Individual outdoor field-based or in-door gym conditioning
  3. Phase 3:            Team training
  4. Phase 4:            Domestic competition – no spectators
  5. Phase 5:            Cross border – no spectators

Phase 6:          No restrictions – spectators present

  • The first phase being dedicated to medical and athletes’ tests

“Testing of athletes and other actors to be undertaken seventy-two hours into the competition.”

  • Individual training for seven days before training in small groups for a week.
  • Then group t training.

 Non-contact sports

The non-contact sports are set for reopening

 They include athletics, volleyball, cricket, bowling, weightlifting, cycling, table tennis, lawn tennis, shooting and golf.

 high risk contact sport

the high risk sports may take long to resume and if they may return behind closed doors, they include swimming, boxing, judo, karate, wrestling, rugby and taekwondo.

Low risk sports to return under stiff covid-19 measures

Football, hockey, handball and basketball are considered for reopening but with strict covid-19 restrictions in place.,failure to observe may lead to organizations facing stringent punishments that include deregistration of the sports organization and prosecution with the laws.


‘’To keep in line with the COVID-19 WHO and MOH guidelines, spectators will not be allowed into the playing fields unless all protocols have been achieved to level 6 of the guidelines for every sport discipline. Strict adherence to the same will be enforced for the safety of all participants. However, adequate preparations will be made to avail alternative online and live forums for fans to enjoy their sports.’’

‘’Personal trainers/coaches can work with no more than 5 client’s outdoors, providing they are maintaining social distancing.’’

Review of the Guidelines

These guidelines shall be reviewed:

On a monthly basis or;Upon changes in guidelines as announced by H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta or the Ministry of Health;If and when a need arises through an addendum by the Cabinet Secretary for Sports Culture and Heritage.