BY UZALENDO NEWS TEAM – Veteran Journalist Mohammed Juma Njuguna became an instant hit in the Kenya during the Presidential elections of 2002.
Then, Mwai Kibaki of NARC and Uhuru Kenyatta of KANU were squaring it out for the Presidency.

The challenge then was that there were wide spread fears that KANU planned to rig the election in favour of Uhuru.

And so NARC used the Citizen Media group and specifically Juma to collate and announce unofficial results.

Historians agree that Kibaki won the election hands down… but the armtwisting tactics utilised by NARC bordered on an election offence.

The Late Mohammed Juma in his earlier days | Photo Courtesy

The Media siege on KANU and Uhuru forced him to accept defeat long before the final tally was known.

When Kibaki was sworn in as President, Juma Njuguna became an instant celebrity, with uninterrupted access to State House and Parliament.

Give it to him. Juma Njuguna was a talented Radio man who horned his skills at the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation(KBC).

As he was interred on Sunday at Kariokor Cemetary, non of those artificial political friends attended his funeral.