I Sold Smokies While At Daystar University – Charlene Ruto

Charlene Ruto, President William Ruto’s daughter, revealed on Wednesday, December 7 that she sold smokie kachumbari at Daystar University.

While speaking to students at the University, the First Daughter revealed that her father, now Kenya’s President, encouraged her to continue with the business.

“I used to have a business selling smokie Kachumbari while on campus at Daystar University, that was the profitable business then, my father encouraged me in that small business I was doing,” she recalled.

Charlene graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from Daystar University in 2015.

  At the time, Ruto was serving as Deputy President of Kenya in their first term with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

She said the smokies were the only thing that were selling at the time. 

The video has received mixed reactions among Kenyans including those who she was addressing.

A commentator, Nick Khaila, sought to understand, “The lie is comically tragic I’ve been in Daystar Valley road with her, she used to come to lectures with a polish very nice BMW & then whiz out after.”

Another online user, Tei Kioko differed alluding, “For some strange reasons, I believe her. I don’t know why these guys are booing at her.”

Charlene who appears to be on a mission to popularise the hustler narrative has been visiting small-scale businesses encouraging youths to take advantage of the Hustler Fund.

On November 19, 2022, Charleen visited a milkshake shop in Kariobangi and enjoyed a milkshake while rooting for the fund.

On November 27, Kenyans on Twitter raised concerns as to why she has been visiting different county assemblies, having meetings with governors and running different initiatives at the same time.

Netizens have since compared her to former US President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump.