Information CS Joe Mucheru under fire for appointing a Dead MP to KFCB, Replaces him with his widow

Information and Communication CS Joe Mucheru is not having an easy time after appointing a ‘dead man’ to the Kenya Film and Classification Board.

The Cabinet Secretary appointed the late Robert Kochalle to be a board member in KFCB. In a gazette notice dated October 16,the former MP was reappointed to the board for three years.

According too the notice, The deceased is expected to start receiving his salary as from October 21.

This slip up has cost him a lot including online mockery who rebuke ghost workers in public service giving this appointment as an example.

He therefore took to re-edit the gazette notice and included his Widow, in the place o the late Member of Parliament.

The moral cop Ezekiel Mutua was also on a hot seat as KFCB appeared to have celebrated the death of the late Mr. Kochalles.

This didnot stop him from defending the CS and saying that it was a small issue that had been blown out of proportion.

Kenyans online did not take this lightly with puzzling questions as to how blunt the gazette notice was, despite going through several hands before being published.

The government in recent days has been criticized for appointing ‘washed up’ states men for jobs, thus neglecting the unemployed youth.