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Is Kenya ripe for Cabinet dissolution or snap election?

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For the last one week or thereabouts, this country has been treated to political comedy of sorts.
This trigger to this was allegations that four ranking CSs were plotting to assassinate DP William Ruto.

So far the details of the plot if at all are scanty. Leading to speculation, invitation of FBI sleuths, Twitter, Facebook and other experts.

There are also suggestions that other than the CS’s mentioned, clowns in DPs office may have manufactured the letter making the allegations to milk political sympathy in the war of words and political supremacy between Ruto and Raila Odinga.

There is no denying one fact. The authors of the Ruto murder theory are rooted in the Jubillee camp or whatever is left of it.
Sample the following. President Kenyatta himself gave Ruto the Tangatanga label. Ruto run away with it to Central Province, destabilising his boss position on the Big 4 agenda.

The few loyal Central Province leaders not handpicked by Ruto in 2017 formed a political flying squad called Kieleweke. The group branded Ruto a thief and went ahead to insult the DP in Churches. It is this group which is associated with reviving the infamous Kiambu Church of God burning during the 2008 post election election.

Meanwhile, the Tangatanga team raised the political bar so high that the President took on them in vernacular head on at Kasarani. As Ruto sat expensively.
Two weeks after the President”s tirade, the infamous murder claims surfaced.

Four questions to the investigators:

1. Why should CSs be involved in planning the assassination of their boss, the DP

2. Was the alleged assassination physical or a plan to take on the DP head on in Central province.

3. Who made the report on the DP fears to the President and why

4. If the DP has well founded fears about his security, is it not feasible for it to be beefed up.

5. Raila Odinga has in the past claimed his life is in danger. Did he ever name individuals?

6. Is the alleged assassination a ploy to force the President to reshuffle his cabinet

7.Should it turn out that the allegations are part of the ongoing was of supremacy in Jubillee, should some top officials take a walk from the Government.

8. If indeed Ruto”s people authored the assasination theory, is it time for an end to Jubillee as presently constituted?

9.Since Jubillee Ministers are being booed in Central Province(Kiunjuri) can they continue to discharge their duties

10. Like happened in 1983 after the coup and Charles Njonjo traitor and treason charges, is it not time for a snap election or dissolution of cabinet?

11. Can a referendum end the current political impasse and place Kenya on the path of stability?

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