Is Raila Losing his Popularity in his Back Yard after Muhoroni Heckling?

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has lost popularity by 80%. According to polls run by Ipsos Synovate, he is not only loosing popularity in his stronghold Nyanza, but also in other parts of the country. In the recent poll, Deputy President William Ruto leads the pack as Raila comes in a distant fourth

In a recent turn of events, Turkana governor Joseph Nanok, the ODM Deputy Chairman, is a high profile politician who is now taking sides with the Deputy President William Ruto. This move could potentially diminish Raila’s control of the Far North voting block.

The celebrated Handshake between Raila Odinga and his longtime political rival Uhuru Kenyatta, completely changed the Political Landscape. The two principals went on tour to urge the country to embrace the so called Building Bridges Initiative.

But despite cooling down the temperatures and instilling unkown peace in some parts of the country, Raila seems to have lost track of his most celebrated spirit. The fight against bad governance.

Since the Handshake, the government has been running without a watch dog. No one to call out the Jubilee Government in case they fall far from their promises. Perhaps this contributed to the loss of public appeal of the NASA principal.

Politics is about taking care of the interest of your people and this is something Raila being the party leader does not seem to understand. At some point politics, leadership and lies do change and what Kenyans want are goals which are oriented.

Kenyans want politics that will impact our lives in a positive way. And its high time Raila Odinga understands that . If not, let him pave way for the people who are willing to serve for the good of the people.

He should play his role in infrastructure in the African union which he was elected to do so. And leave those who were elected to represent Kenyans in the national government to do so.

But on another aspect with his likable attributes we can easily say that Raila has not completely lost his popularity as some may say and just maybe people were paid to heckle him at Muhoroni then again Raila is not only popular in Nyanza but all over Kenya.